Experimenting with colour and pattern isn’t new for us; we did it in Kindergarten. Remember Potato Prints? Shapes carefully cut into each potato and all those colours lined up on the art table. Some of us were orderly, stamping our potatoes in straight lines and repeating patterns, careful not to mix the colours, while others would merrily stamp with abandon, overlapping the shapes and mixing up the colours. Which were you?

Now that we have identified that we’ve all had experience with pattern and colour perhaps adding it into our homes shouldn’t be as difficult as we are lead to believe? Yes and No. Adding pattern is simple, you can mix the swirly marble cushion with the straight and orderly grid cushion; there are no rules in a monochromatic space. Adding colours however, becomes a little complicated; the colourful mixed floral cushion needs a plain counterpart with a colour chosen from the initial piece to achieve a harmonious finish. This is when choosing your accents comes in, some colours just work together while others oppose or clash, add in pattern and it gets more difficult. Once you're at the stage of experimenting with flooring and paint colour combinations, visit Dulux. They offer alarge colour swatch online service - the perfect service to help get you started with visualising colour at home. With over 900 colours available, you can order up to 4 colour swatches online forFREE which will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

Colour cards from your local Bunnings store will offer you combinations that work together.

Picasso Vinyl in Orbit 099
A pattern is something that repeats, whether it is the orderly geometric pattern of this black lino or the rambling irregularity of the ivy. Using a plain coloured background allows you experiment with more pattern and colour.

Picasso Vinyl in Pietroso 092
Marble gives the illusion of luxury whether it is the real thing or an imitation. Mix it with other luxurious partners such as gold and velvet. Adding a touch of green takes the look to another level, though the choice is yours, any colour will happily mix with a monochromatic background

Sensations Vinyl in Fumed Oak
Wood look flooring adds a timeless quality to your home. You can mix this with almost any colour; though depending on the busyness of your woodgrain keep the texture and pattern simple. I’ve chosen a simple black and white palette to make this flooring the star of the room, should I mix in some geometric shapes and colour the room with take on a different more playful look. 

Fashion 200 Vinyl in Flagstone Dark Grey
The traditional block pattern in grey and brown hues makes you think of natural materials but add a blush white with a subtle hint of orange and you will lift and modernise the whole look while still maintaining its earthy quality.

Fashion 200 Vinyl in Almeria Red
When choosing a bold pattern that has colour within it resist the urge to add in any more. Use the palette that’s already been chosen for you to provide continuity to your space. 

So back to my initial question; what kind of child-artist were you? I know my shapes were always neat lines of coordinating colours creating an ordered pattern, that order gives me a feeling of peace, however peace for you might be found in a disordered pattern. The child-artist you were is likely to be definitive of how you decorate your home. 

Hayley French of My Little House



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