Do you ever feel that your home lacks something? The walls have a fresh coat of paint, new flooring is down, the lighting is faultless, and you’ve chosen furniture you love, but the room seems incomplete. Look down; your nearly perfect room needs something to ground it and pull all those beautiful items together; to create a space within a space, you’ve got it, it needs a rug.

Todays’ homes are more often than not a series of spaces that link together, the kitchen, dining and living all share the same walls, which can seem overwhelming or barren unless you break up the areas with a rug. The resurgence of hard flooring has also necessitated the need to include a rug as a staple part of your furnishings. I like to call it the Icing on the Cake.

Choosing which icing for your cake however, can be a daunting task. Scandinavian neutrals are still dominating the home scene, but, there is a shift towards a Bohemian trend; rich textiles combined with white walls. This allows you to add colour and pattern which will give your home a more eclectic style. So how do you know which rug is right for you and your home? We’ve put together a Q & A to help.

Do I need a rug?

Rugs have the ability to add colour, pattern, texture, comfort, warmth, it helps to quieten the space and anchor your furniture. Hard flooring necessitates the need for a rug to provide comfort for sitting as well as warmth during the colder months of the year. 

What size rug do I need? The general rule is bigger than your furniture. 

Dining – Your rug should house the table and the chairs when they are pulled out. If you have a round table use a round rug. 

Living – Ideally your rug should fit at least halfway under your sofas and chairs, or at least the front legs of all your furniture are sitting on it. 

Bedroom – Depending on placement, your rug should fit under your bed and out the other side as well as the end. 

Entry – You can either have a small entrance mat or a hallway runner, but not both.

What style rug do I need?

Rug options are endless and the beauty of a rug is the ability it gives you to update your space cost effectively. Being able to change out a rug rather than replace your flooring altogether makes them an appealing decorator choice. Interior Designers make choices for their clients by pinpointing their style; 

1) Do you love colour?
If you want to add some colour to your floor first ensure there are sufficient neutrals within the space. A riot of colours can seem fun but everyone needs some calm, some of the time. The general rule is, if you have a plain and neutral sofa a coloured rug will enhance your space, and allow you to have the colour that makes you feel happy under it. Use the Flooring Xtra colour selector to minimize your choice. 

2) Do you have neutral walls, hard floors and minimal furniture?
In this case it is likely you will need to add some texture whether a knotty neutral style or a plush shaggy rug. Either option will suit a home with limited adornments. Look at the MacKenzie,WanakaKensington or Spectrum Range

3) Do you love simplicity and calm?
A style that will stand the test of time is that of elegance and simplicity. Choose a cut or plain weave rug such as the NebraskaHeaphy or Gladstone. Shades of grey are holding their own, but there will always be a place for the timeless quality of beige.



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