The search for the right floor wasn’t something that came easy for my little house. Originally this home was a carpet and tile finish. Though this functioned fairly well the lack of flow from space to space in our open plan areas caused the room to look not only smaller but disconnected.

Having exposed timber beams with TGV meant that prior to installing wooden floors the ceilings needed to be painted out. Timber ceilings combined with timber floors could prove dark and imposing. Painting out that Douglas Fir timber was like lifting a veil. Now I could have my longed for wooden floor, but what wood to choose?

Installing a recycled NZ Timber was very appealing, but the quote combined with the upheaval of the installation, sanding and varnish meant I would need to do a little more research.

We found a beautiful white Bamboo that I instantly fell in love with; the versatility and the calm created by the white tones made it my choice, but unless we ordered 200m2 of the product it wasn’t an option; we only needed 80m2. We left the supplier rather dis-heartened and back to square one.

Next, we looked at natural oak overlay. Though I felt it lacked the originality of the recycled NZ timber I embraced the fact that the install would be a relatively quick and easy affair. Still hankering for the calm of the white we found an Ash with white lacquer that, though not quite like the white of the bamboo it was calm and reflective. Eventually, however our final decision took us back to a natural timber finish.

I am fairly torn between natural and white flooring, my love of light always has me looking for the reflective quality of white, but I love the warmth that the natural colour brings to my monochrome home.

The process was simple – a measure, a quote, acceptance. The furniture was moved and the skirting’s and flooring lifted, we donated our carpet (it was only a few years old) to a local community house. The tiles were chipped away and the floor levelled, all this and a few planks of the new timber had been installed by the time I returned home that evening. The carpet had been rolled and placed outside ready for collection and the debris of the tiles and skirting’s had been removed entirely. The following evening I returned to a beautiful finished floor. I did need to get a builder in to install the new skirting atop the floor, but this aside the process was relatively fuss and mess free.

We do not live any differently in the space but the space is entirely different. The flow that had been created was perfect, creating a larger, lighter and cohesive area. From the entrance to the living from the living to the kitchen and scullery, and from there to the dining and outdoors finally all the spaces worked together creating a focus on the furniture and accessories.

Do I still hanker for the white bamboo? Sometimes. I would love to have had the ability to add some Persian style rugs with a rich colour palette, combined with my black, white and grey furniture I think the effect would have been stunning, but overall the natural allows me to be as monochrome as I feel without ever losing the welcoming warmth that natural timber has always been revered for.

The best way to work out what flooring is right for you is to create a mood board. There are many online options but stylesource.com.au is free and offers the ability to upload product photos. Firstly collect the images that you want to group, this would be of the furniture and the colour swatches, you can add in some accessories and even plants to make the space as yours appears. Add in the flooring swatches and see which one appeals most.

WORDS & IMAGERY BY: Hayley French of My Little House



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