Tips for creating a GREAT first impression!

Thu 25 May 2017
Tips for creating a GREAT first impression!

When we are getting ready to sell our homes the first thing we do is think about how others will feel upon entering it; we then busy ourselves with preparing for the impending judgement which, according to The Daily Mail, is formed within the first 26 seconds.

Using our senses to assess an environment is an automatic response, whether we are entering a shop, a place of work, a restaurant or a home. How does it look, smell and feel? A home that smells fresh and looks stylish; sits at a comfortable temperature; is uncluttered, but cozy and clean, is what forms your overall impression.

So, why wait until you are ready to leave your abode to make it appealing and inviting? Having an environment that is always guest-ready also poses a huge benefit for ourselves; returning from a busy day to the calm of our home is an important way in which we deal with stresses that life in the 21st century presents.

# 1. Keeping your home clean and tidy is the first place to start; this doesn’t mean spending your precious time off cleaning and scrubbing. If you create a ‘clean as you go’ mentality your home will only require a small amount of effort and time to maintain, for example; folding the washing as soon as its dry, spraying and wiping down surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom as you use them, making your bed as soon as you get up all only take a few minutes, but if left they can build up to a big job.

# 2. Never underestimate the power of a good vacuum and dust; this will lift your carpets, rugs and even your hard flooring instantly.

# 3. Keep curtains mould free and clean, there is a simple spray treatment once a year you can do yourself.

# 4. Opening windows to air your home is a good way of improving air quality and removing odours from cooking. Aim to do this for an hour a day or leave a few windows open just a crack throughout the day to maintain good ventilation.

# 5. Scented candles are a fabulous way of making you home smell welcoming, though as you can only burn these whilst in attendance. A low wattage plug in oil burner can be left running all day. Simply add your blend of oils in the morning and your home will smell beautiful on your return, it also has the added benefit of essential oil therapy. Some suppliers actually have specific blends for Entertaining, Relaxation, Cold and Flu relief and Deodorising your home.

# 6. Everything should have a place, so create designated spaces for things such as a basket for magazines, a cupboard or hooks for jackets, an interesting sack for paper recycling. Inside drawers use containers as dividers for things like batteries, keys, coins and pens.

# 7. Nothing says ‘stylish’ like a coat of paint. Keep to neutrals for entrances and busy spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, use wallpapers or colours in more intimate and cozy spaces.

# 8. Use lighting to convey the mood you want to create. Use lamps for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere and keep the down lighting for completing tasks.

# 9. Create cozy nooks or spaces using rugs, cushions and throws; these can be changed out seasonally which promotes new energy and interest.

# 10. Bring a little nature indoors. If you haven’t got the time or the budget for weekly flowers, nor the green fingers to maintain indoor plants, a simple cutting from your garden will instantly give a dining table or console a lift, whether it be a burst of evergreen leaves or an interesting branch.

#11. To maintain a physically comfortable and heathy environment consider systems such as HRV. Heat pumps are a consistent and cost effective way of heating larger areas and use panel heaters in smaller spaces and bedrooms. Underfloor insulation and double glazing is standard with new homes but consider upgrading yours if your home is older; you may be eligible for subsidies or grants through Government programmes.

WORDS & PHOTOGRAPHY: Hayley French of My Little House

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