Walking across some types of carpet you may notice footprints being left behind or marks from the vacuum cleaner brush and its wheels.  Marks left from traffic moving across the carpet is extremely common and is commonly known as ‘shading’.

Plush or Shaggy carpets tend to be the worst offenders but many cut pile carpets are also prone to shading.  Often deeper and thicker piled carpets or carpets that are particularly soft and smooth, show shading.

Shading can range from either slightly noticeable to very apparent, depending on the texture and resilience of the carpet fibre.  The same factors also apply for how long shading marks last as it can be a few hours or days.

These imprints left behind in carpet is not a defect or a fault in either manufacturing or installation of the product, but a visual feature of the carpet.  Some people like the look of shading and others simply hate it.   

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