Things to consider when selecting a carpet to suit your home and lifestyle.

At Flooring Xtra we understand that choosing carpet can be confusing. Today there are so many styles, colours, and fibres to select from. Below are a few simple facts that may help you to make the right selection for you and your home. 

  • No carpet is bullet proof!  All carpets require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best and to ensure longevity.
  • When considering quality, fibre type, weight, tightness of the stitching and pile height are all factors that will affect a carpet’s performance. However generally the heavier the weight the higher the price and the better a carpet will wear.
  • Cut pile carpets offer simple elegance in a choice of either plain or two tone shades. It is important to be aware that all cut pile carpets are subject to tracking and shading.
  • Loop pile carpets offer texture and the option of multiple colours which helps to hide soiling and dirt. Loop pile carpets will also track but to a lesser degree than cut pile carpets.
  • Solution dyed carpets are dyed right through like a carrot instead of a radish. If you are concerned about colour fastness, choose a solution dyed option.




The most common and popular style for residential households, cut pile carpets are soft underfoot and durable, providing a great base to live on. As there are no loops to get caught on and pulled, it is a good option for homes with pets. Cut pile carpets come in a multitude of styles; they can have a long pile length for a retro, shag-like look, or a short pile length for low-maintenance. The construction may have a tight twist, this is called a cut pile twist, or a brushed, blown-out appearance, this is called a plush cut pile. When looking at purchasing a cut pile carpet, be sure to keep in mind that your cut pile carpet may be prone to showing footsteps and vacuum marks (read more about this here), or pile reversal (read more about this here).


A loop pile carpet is made by forming a loop in the thread. This style of carpet is hard wearing, durable and doesn’t tend to show tracking (footprints) as you will often find with other carpet styles. Loop twills are made by blending different colour yarns, making them better for wear with high traffic.


Texture carpets are a type of loop pile carpet. Usually made using a single colour, carpet manufacturers continually work on developments to maintain a contemporary look for this type of carpet. Designs range from high and low thread ups, to level loops.


Cut and loop textures, or level loop and cut pile are carpets which have a combination of cut and loop pile. They often have a very fine and luxurious finish giving a prestigious finish to living areas.




Wool makes excellent loop, texture and plush carpet. The best quality wool is from New Zealand. Wool naturally resists general soiling, crushing, and most stains. Wool has inherent fire retardant and anti-allergenic fibre. The soft look and rich feel of wool is still unmatched by any man-made fibre, and may be more affordable than you think. Wool is a luxurious fibre, renowned for its resilience, durability and long-lasting appearance retention.


Solution Dyed Nylon carpets offer good fade and stain resistance. For this reason, they are a popular choice for young families. These carpets are constructed using man-made petroleum based fibres. Yarn memory ensures cut pile carpets hold their twist, meaning that with correct maintenance the carpet will look as impressive in years to come as the day it was laid.


These carpets normally have a soft, sumptuous feel. Triexta yarn is a derivative of polyester and is made up of 63% man made content and 37% corn sugar. Modern technology results in superior colourfastness, stain resistance and pile recovery ‘bounce back’ when walked upon. 


Polypropylene is a lower cost option that provides good stain and fade resistance. While historically regarded as a “poor man’s fibre”, with recent development in yarn cleaning and heat setting, Solution Dyed Polypropylene (SDP) yarns provide a soft and sumptuous feel at a lower price than most other fibres. SDP carpets don’t hold dirt, are easy to clean and have proven to be very reliable.


A less expensive synthetic fibre, with good colourfastness properties when solution dyed. Polyester carpets are soft to touch and pleasant underfoot. This fibre type is most suited to low traffic areas within the home as it will crush (it is not as resilient as other fibres), making it wear quicker than other man-made fibres.


The fibre is made from P.E.T chips, some of which come from recycled plastic containers, making it an environmentally friendly choice. P.E.T fibre is stronger than polyester and has better abrasion resistance. These carpets normally have a longer pile so consideration needs to be given to possible pile flattening. Vacuuming may require specialised vacuum heads.

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