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Melford HillsRangitapu

$80 - $109 per sqm ADD TO WISHLIST

Melford HillsRangitapu

$80 - $109 per sqm ADD TO WISHLIST


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The warm earthy tones across the Melford Hills range is inspired by the dramatic South Island landscape. Each colour if crafted with multiple-coloured fibres into a heathered blend and complimented with a stipple effect yarn. These chunky and bumpy, yet delightfully tailored carpets, have a wonderful underfoot texture. At 65oz, Melford Hills is the most luxuriously weighted carpet in the Wools of New Zealand collection.

No other floor covering provides as much texture, colour and warmth as carpet. Carpet has been a longstanding favourite floor covering option for New Zealand homes. It is hard to go past the warmth, insulation and comfort that only carpet can provide, especially on chilly winter mornings.

The underlay that lies beneath your new carpet is equally as an important choice as the carpet itself. A good quality underlay provides superior warmth, comfort, acoustic and moisture properties. Underlay makes your new carpet soft and cushiony when walked on, extends the life of your carpet and can reduce energy costs.

  • Beautifully homegrown, Wools of New Zealand is 100% owned by the Kiwi farming families who grow the wool from which the carpet is made
  • Accountable, traceable, and sustainable at all times, Wools of New Zealand aims to lead the world in growing the highest quality wool fibre in the most environmentally responsible way.
  • Through Wools of New Zealand's unique integrity programme, carpet buyers have peace of mind knowing that farmers have maintained the very highest standards in animal welfare and environmental farming practises at all times.
Naturally hypoallergenic, binding allergy irritants ready to be vacuumed away
Being wool it is difficult to ignite and burns slowly
Naturally anti-static


Brand Wools of New Zealand
Style Loop Pile
Width 4.00m
Unique Code WONZLPH26510-014
Carpet Height 16.0mm +- 10%
Carpet Weight 65oz
Eco Friendly Yes
Underfloor Heating Compatible Yes
Natural Product Yes
Fibre Wool


Below are pricing examples for this product based on standard flooring plans

Approximate installed price:
$5,581 - $6,822
Approximate installed price:
$6,977 - $8,527
Approximate installed price:
$11,628 - $14,212
Approximate installed price:
$22,093 - $27,003

Terms & Conditions

This indicative pricing for the illustrated floor plans are based on professional installation of the selected carpet (above) on standard 10mm underlay.

  • These prices are indicative only to help you set a budget
  • Includes quality underlay – premium underlay is additional
  • Pricing allows for offcuts and waste
  • Pricing does not allow for stairs, floor preparation, travel, uplift and disposal of existing floor coverings and other incidentals
  • Pricing varies from region to region according to freight and installation labour costs


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