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About Us

Flooring Xtra is New Zealand’s largest flooring brand, with 60+ retail stores nationwide.

If you’re new to our story then it may come as a surprise to you to learn that the Flooring Xtra brand is still relatively young. Founded in 2008, Flooring Xtra was formed by ten companions working in the flooring industry who were dissatisfied with the brand offering available to Kiwi consumers. The friends banded together to establish Flooring Xtra, a business built upon the belief that community based organisations were more effective than corporations.

“Flooring Xtra isn’t a product of leveraged corporate takeovers and investment banker buyouts as you often hear these days, but rather a story of family and Kiwi ingenuity.”

Ten weeks after the launch of the Flooring Xtra brand, new stores were popping up all over the country. The brand’s popularity soared and the group of friends were overwhelmed by flooring retailers throughout New Zealand contacting them, eager to be a part of the Flooring Xtra story.

Within three years of launch, Flooring Xtra had become New Zealand’s largest flooring company. The appeal and success of Flooring Xtra can be attributed to the philosophy that lies at the heart of the brand. Based around a co-operative model, each store is owned and operated by a local with experience in the flooring industry. Stores in the Flooring Xtra group have the advantage of stronger buying power, access to marketing resource and a pool of knowledge to tap into from their peers. This formula has proven so successful that the Flooring Xtra brand was rolled out throughout Australia in 2010.

Whilst Flooring Xtra is the biggest flooring retailer in New Zealand, our target now moves towards becoming the best. The best business owners, the best teams and the best service providers for our customers.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!