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Hard Floor Care

Laminate and timber flooring are often a fantastic low maintenance choice. With these simple guidelines, you can expect your floor to look it's best for years to come. The three golden rules for cleaning laminate flooring are:

  • Use a dedicated laminate cleaning kit. A mop with a washable microfibre mop head and a high-quality cleaning product will ensure you won't leave any cleaning residue on your fresh, clean floors.
  • Avoid using too much water when cleaning up spills - you'll get best results with a microfibre mop head or a damp cloth.
  • Don't let light damage get you down. For Quick-Step laminate floors, the Quick-Step Repair Kit offers the best tools to quickly recreate the original colour of damaged planks.
To keep your timber floors in shape for years to come:

  • Similarly with laminate flooring, use a dedicate timber cleaning kit and a mop with a microfibre head to avoid using too much water on the planks.
  • A regular treatment with oil will stop your floor from looking dry and dull, and it brings out the natural beauty of the timber.

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