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NebraskaNatural White


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NebraskaNatural White


Create a contemporary look in your space by adding a soft woven Nebraska floor rug. The un-dyed wool adds warmth and textural interest while the delicate, natural colours suit any space. As the pile height of this rug is not too high, vacuuming and caring for it is made easy. The Nebraska rug with its simplistic texture is one of our most favoured rugs.

Today's homes are often large open plan spaces that link together kitchens, dining and living rooms. They can seem overwhelming or barren unless you break up the areas and ground furniture pieces through the use of rugs, thereby creating 'zones'.

The resurgence of hard flooring has also necessitated the need to include a rug as a staple part of your furnishings for added comfort and warmth. Rugs are often the 'icing on the cake' and can complete a room when it feels a little incomplete. They have the ability to add colour, pattern and above all texture, giving your space more visual interest and another layer to your interior scheme. Shedding is a normal characteristic of floor rugs, particularly staple or spun yarn and felted products made from natural fibres such as wool or jute. It is caused by some of the outside fibres or yarn bundles becoming detached. Regular vacuuming using a good quality vacuum cleaner (no rotating head) will hasten the removal of any loose fibres.

  • An affordable and easy way to incorporate the latest trends into your home.
  • Due to the type of weaving, there will be short fibres popping up while the floor rug settles. These can be trimmed or pushed through.
  • Your rug may have special cleaning requirements. Please see our Rug Care page for more information.
Rugs provide added protection to your floor
Rugs are easily interchangeable


Style Textured
Unique Code FURNE-71368
Theme Modern Minimalist, Hygge, Natural Rustic
Fibre 50% Wool, 50% Viscose, with cotton backing
Size 250x350cm


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