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About Bremworth

Bremworth wool carpets and rugs have graced the floors of Kiwi homes for over 60 years. Their signature good looks and enduring quality make them both renowned and coveted – step into New Zealand’s most impressive architectural builds and more often than not you’ll be walking upon a beautiful Bremworth carpet.

Bremworth’s carpets are incredibly popular due to their combination of quality materials and contemporary design. Their extensive range of chunky and luxurious wool loop pile carpets tick many a box including style, comfort, practicality and performance. Wool carpet has always been, and remains, Bremworth’s speciality. The company’s origins trace back to 1959 when founder Doug Bremner established a small factory in South Auckland’s Papatoetoe – fast forward over 60 years and Bremworth are still manufacturing New Zealand made wool carpets, with a carpet tufting plant in Auckland and yarn spinning plants in Napier and Whanganui. They currently employ just over 400 staff across Australasia, with the majority located in New Zealand.

Bremworth Celebrates Final Synthetic Carpet Production

Focus on Sustainability

As a brand, Bremworth are striving to embrace nature and decrease their footprint on the planet, without compromising on the design and performance aspects of their products that Kiwis have come to know and love. This move has seen them focus their sights purely on manufacturing wool carpets, while seeking out new ways to reduce, recycle and remove the plastic content in their carpets. On average, currently 87% of their woollen carpets are sourced from natural materials (by weight, based on a 42oz carpet). While this is a great starting point, Bremworth’s vision is to reduce this even further. With an aim to incorporate the UN Sustainable Development goals into their business, their dedicated team of specialists are working on innovative solutions to see their carpets become the most sustainable and environmentally conscientious on the market, backed by science and research.

Let's go good together

Bremworth are pushing hard into a beautiful, more sustainable future, today. Discover more about Bremworth's sustainability mission.

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Bremworth's vision

Bremworth believe by embracing nature we can make a genuine difference to the wellbeing of people and the planet. Read our recent Q&A with the Bremworth team to discover their vision for the company.


Why choose Bremworth wool carpet?

Natural odour control - The unique properties of wool can resist odours and help control moisture.

Hypo-allergenic - Wool fibres are not linked to allergic reactions.

Fire-safety - Wool is naturally fire resistant and offers a much greater level of fire-safety than other fibres.

Insulation - Wool carpet acts to improve a room’s warmth and acoustics, for a quieter and cosier home.

Modern family proof - Naturally durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean, wool carpets work hard for whatever modern life throws at them.

Creative difference - Bremworth carpets go beyond the traditional, with a result that is both beautiful to look at and a dream to live on.

Felted form and function - While most wool carpets are made using a wool spinning process, Bremworth achieve a far thicker, stronger and more luxurious woollen yarn with Bremworth’s exclusive felting process.

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