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About Sleepyhead Flooring

Caring for your home and your health, without compromising on comfort or performance. Sleepyhead is New Zealand's most trusted bed manufacturer and have been designing and manufacturing in Auckland for over 85 years, creating carpet underlay designed specifically for New Zealand conditions. Made from 100% recycled foam – a by-product of their mattress manufacturing - and combined with their environmentally-friendly Fresh Protect technology, the Sleepyhead Memory and Refresh ranges will keep your home insulated and protected against bacteria, mould and dust mites.

As a proud New Zealand owned family company, Sleepyhead is focused on continuing to provide Kiwi's with the best quality carpet underlays available that meet and exceed New Zealand industry standards.

Why Sleepyhead Underlay?

Quality Guaranteed

When you choose Sleepyhead Flooring, you can do so with confidence. As one of New Zealand’s most long standing trusted brands, Sleepyhead stand behind every product they manufacture. They offer a ‘life of the carpet’ warranty on their range of underlay products and will repair or replace at no charge product that proves defective because of improper materials or workmanship under normal use.

Made In New Zealand

Sleepyhead Flooring is part of the family owned and operated iconic Kiwi company, designing and manufacturing all of their products in New Zealand, specifically for the demands of the local climate and unique kiwi lifestyle. They are proud to employ over 1200 people and continue to invest in local manufacturing and supporting New Zealand communities.

Environmentally Smart

Sleepyhead are committed to looking after New Zealand. All Sleepyhead underlay products are made from 100% recycled foam. Sleepyhead Flooring’s recycling programme includes the collection of uplifted and scrap underlay from installations, which they clean and recycle, preventing it from going to landfill.

Animal Friendly

Protect your flooring from your furry friends with UltraPet Underlay. This innovative new carpet underlay has been cleverly designed to protect against most common household spills and pet stains. Featuring StainShield, a new multi-layered, high density polyethylene barrier that helps prevent liquids absorbing into the underlay and into the substrate.

Fresh Protect

Fresh Protect is a green technology antimicrobial that is very environmentally friendly. It is derived from lauric acid in coconuts and is a natural and highly effective anti bacterial, anti fungal, and anti viral protection. Fresh Protect therefore is non-toxic, unlike other antimicrobials, and is safe for use around people and animals. This is now standard across the whole Sleepyhead range of underlays, residential and commercial.

Thermal Insulation

Underlay is an often overlooked contributor to the overall thermal insulation of a home. Sleepyhead’s 11mm/130kg underlay has been tested to R.34, meaning that it alone contributes over a quarter of the thermal insulation required by New Zealand building codes. Combined with quality underfloor insulation, homes fitted with Sleepyhead Flooring underlay are simply warmer and cosier.

Acoustic Insulation

Sound travelling between floors in a home can be really annoying. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the thud of footsteps above, or talking below, a quality carpet underlay can drastically reduce noise levels within your home. All Sleepyhead Flooring underlay is designed to aid with acoustic insulation. For superior acoustic performance we recommend Sleepyhead's Memory underlay, with double the sound absorption of other underlays on the market.


Underlay needs to not only feel great underfoot, it needs to perform. To back up the quality of our flooring underlay, Sleepyhead independently test all of their products. All Sleepyhead Flooring underlay has been tested and accredited by the NZWTA to meet or exceed New Zealand's standard for soft underlays (AS 4288:2003).

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