Bremworth & Sustainability

Let's go good together

Pushing hard into a beautiful, more sustainable future

Bremworth believe that by embracing nature, we can make a world of difference to the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Bremworth are building their capability towards the creation of safe and natural fibre-based interior products, using an evolving, science-based environmentally sustainable approach. They are systematically working through their supply chain to look for opportunities to be more sustainable and efficient in their processes. Their goal is to invest in the sustainability of their products and reduce their environmental impact through research, science and innovation.

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New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP)

Bremworth has proudly signed up to the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP), in support for and adoption of a national wool standard.

NZFAP provides assurance to consumers about the integrity, traceability, biosecurity, environmental sustainability, and animal health and welfare of New Zealand’s primary sector products.

They join 20 other wool industry members to transition towards sourcing wool from 6,800 accredited sheep farms across New Zealand that meet the standards set by the NZFAP.

By signing up to NZFAP, Bremworth can additionally provide customers with a product where the wool has met traceability, authentic origin and animal welfare standards. They have commenced sourcing NZFAP accredited wool and are transitioning towards sourcing 100% of their wool from accredited sources.