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Rug Guide

If you're looking for stunning floor rugs, our broad range of shaggy, tufted, traditional, textured, flat weave and indoor/outdoor designs make it easy for you to add the perfect focal point, creating truly unique spaces.

Today's homes are often large open plan spaces that link together kitchens, dining and living rooms. They can seem overwhelming or barren unless you break the areas and ground furniture pieces through the use of rugs! The resurgence of hard flooring has also created a need to include rugs as a staple part of your furnishings for added comfort and warmth.


When looking to purchase a new rug it's important to assess if the rug is suitable for the space, for example a delicate handmade rugs may not be well suited to a busy family area.


Be aware that handmade rugs can vary in size +/-3% from the size ordered. This is an industry accepted manufacturing variation.


It is normal for floor rugs to show minor colour variation from selling samples and catalogue images, or minor variations between production runs and dye batches. Many of our floor rugs are also made from natural, un-dyed yarns which are blended together to create the desired colour. Colour appearance can vary depending on the type of light under which a sample is viewed and the light sources where the floor rug is located. Viewing of samples in the home and under as many different light sources as possible prior to decision making is recommended. You can request rug samples on loan from your local Flooring Xtra store. Every effort is made to ensure there is minimal colour variation and to ensure this is within recognised textile industry standards, however some variation can be expected.

Design, fibres & construction

Minor variations may be evident, which is due to the handsome nature of production and may include weave thickness or pattern, or differences in the yarn weight. An effect known as 'phasing' can occur, where designs include the random use of contrasting colours when at times, these colours can coincide in production. Similarly, in loop pile floor rugs, shading effects of colour patterning can appear as panelling down the length of the floor rug. Both phasing and panelling are an accepted part of the design and in no way affect the floor rugs performance.

We pride ourselves on the beautiful craftsmanship of our cushions, throws, floor rugs and natural hides. Many of our products are handmade by artisans spinning and dying yarns, adding embroidered touches, printing, weaving and finishing by hand. As these products are handmade, there may be variations in colour, pattern, texture, and size from the descriptions and images on the website, or variations between production runs and dye batches. There may be slight imperfections such as marks or discolouration on natural furs and hides, this is normal. Avoid placing dyed products on light coloured furniture and surfaces as dye colour may transfer. The dyed colours of these hand dyed products are susceptible to fading in high UV areas. Please keep out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration. These complex and nuanced handmade processes create beautiful and unique products for our collections. We hope you enjoy the individuality of these luxury pieces.

Many of our products are made from natural fibres such as wool and jute. We aim for our products and processes to leave as little impact on the earth as possible. The materials for our products are carefully sourced and we use natural and recycled fibres wherever possible. Our natural furs and hides are always ethically sourced from trusted suppliers.

Pile reversing & shading

Due to the changes in pile and weave direction shading or shift lines may occur and are a natural characteristic for carpets and floor rugs. From certain angles particular areas may appear lighter or darker than others. This is caused by piles reflecting the light differently in the affected areas. This is a feature characteristic or cut and loop pile floor rugs, especially solid colours.

Colour transfer

It is recommended for dark or brightly coloured dyed rugs that a floor rug backing mat on lightly coloured floors is used to avoid any possible colour migration.

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