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Carpet Flattening

Overtime you may notice your carpet starting to flatten in certain areas, in particular high traffic zones. Hallways, doorways and main pathways throughout your home that are constantly walked on, may show signs of wear before other areas of your carpet.

The change of appearance will be due to the carpets pile flattening or a change in the direction of the carpet fibres due to the frequent traffic moving across this area of carpet.

All carpets will be subject to this at some point in their lifecycles, although some carpets are more resistant than others. If flattening and high traffic in your home is a concern, steer clear of polypropylene carpets or extremely soft to touch carpets as they are thought to flatten earlier and not have such a ‘bounce back’ ability.

Carpet flattening can also occur when furniture is placed on carpet for a period of time, leaving imprints when moved. Some customers have success removing these dents by placing an ice cube on the dent and letting it melt. After the ice cube is melted, fluff up the carpet pile with your finger, fork or a toothbrush to make it stand up again. Use a cloth to soak up the excess moisture by dabbing the carpet softly. We recommend you colour test in an inconspicuous area first (i.e. inside a wardrobe).