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Garage Carpet

Garage floors need to be tough and durable, but that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with cold, bare concrete. With new, strong, and durable synthetic fibres, laying carpet in your garage is now possible. Garage Carpet not only passes the toughness test but also has visual appeal and increases the value of a home.

Placing carpet in a garage turns a very functional and cold space into a multi-purpose room for your home. For families this may mean another play area for kids, where they can spread out their toys and keep out from under your feet. This can be particularly useful on rainy days when the family is cooped up inside and the kids need an area to burn off some energy. Garage carpet is also popular with those needing a space to do a quick workout at home or want a ‘man-cave’. All of these activities can now be done in a warmer, dryer and quieter space as the garage carpet provides thermal and acoustic insulation as well as underfoot softness.

Not only do those using the now multi-purpose garage space for their hobbies and activities benefit from it being warmer, the rest of the house does as well. For homes with attached garages, the source of drafts and significant heat loss is often the garage as their doors matched with cold concrete floors can act as a chiller. Adding garage carpet can add to a homes overall thermal comfort.

Another surprising benefit is trapping dust and dirt that normally kicks around on a garage floor. Garage carpet is made from closed-cell synthetic fibres that absorb no moisture so any dirt, dust or debris is trapped in the carpet ready to be easily vacuumed, rather than being circulated in the air or tracked into the home under shoes. Because of this tough fibre characteristic, it is easy to maintain and will not stain, rot or smell.

New Zealand has particularly harsh UV conditions so when selecting a garage carpet, make sure you opt for one that is UV treated and less prone to fading even in direct sunlight.

For a small investment, garage carpet can be all it takes to transform a functional space into another room, maximising the value of your home.