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Bremworth's Vision

A Q&A with the Bremworth team on their vision for the company

Q. What’s the new vision for Bremworth?

We're on a mission to deliver a range of home experiences built with people, the planet and growth in mind.

Our vision is to become a global leader in designing and creating desirable, safe, sustainable and high-performing natural interior solutions.

Q. Why are you moving to all-wool?

We believe that by embracing nature we can make a genuine difference to the wellbeing of people and the planet, without compromising the design and performance attributes our customers care about.

For the last 60+ years, we’ve been on a journey of exploration and have built up significant knowledge about the potential and performance of many different fibres from diverse sources for use in flooring.

Wool carpet was and remains the optimum offering for customers. Not only is it the best fibre for design, innovation and performance on the floor, it is also 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable.

In addition it is what we do best!

Q. What has led Bremworth to make this step change to its brand?

It is clear to us that change is needed in our industry which is why we’re going all in with wool.

We believe we need to be a part of an environmentally conscious solution. Bremworth has stopped the production of carpet made from synthetic fibres, which are essentially plastic.

Concern is rising about microplastics in our homes, in our food chain and in the environment. Studies suggest we’re ingesting up to a credit card worth of microplastics each week. Change is needed.

Q. You say, you’re headed down the sustainability route, how natural are your products?

On average, currently 87% of our woollen carpets are sourced from natural materials (by weight, based on a 42oz carpet).

Whilst this is a great starting point, we want to do better than that, so we’re seeking new ways to reduce, recycle and eventually remove plastic from our products, our business and our daily lives where possible.

Q. Tell us about the benefits of wool when it comes to flooring

Firstly, wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable – making a genuine difference to the future of our planet.

It’s naturally stain, soil and fire resistant – we offer lifetime warranties there

Unlike synthetic fibre, the unique wicking properties of wool can resist odours and help control moisture.

Wool is a high-performing alternative to plastic carpet fibres – our carpets have been tried and tested for generations.

You can also feel the difference of wool with every step you take!

Q. What about the differences between wool carpet and hard flooring?

Wool carpet naturally improves a room's warmth and acoustics, helping your home stay quieter and cosier.

Wool carpets have also been proven to save between 8 and 13% in heating and cooling your home.

Q. What would you say differentiates Bremworth from other flooring brands?

Our people.

We’ve been New Zealand made crafting excellence since 1959.

Our team of New Zealand artisans are dedicated to crafting the highest quality flooring with uncompromising ingenuity, passion and creativity.

60+ years of experience has taught us that for design and performance on the floor, nothing comes close to New Zealand wool crafted by our experts.

The Bremworth difference brings quality materials together with careful craftsmanship and unique design.

Q. How many staff does the company currently employ?

We currently employ just over 400 staff across Australasia, with the majority located at our manufacturing plants in Napier, Whanganui and Auckland.

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