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Sleepyhead Zero Eco Underlay - Love your planet, love your feet.

08 May, 2024

At Flooring Xtra, we believe that every step you take in your home should be a step towards sustainability and comfort. That's why we're proud to partner with Sleepyhead New Zealand to bring you Sleepyhead Zero Eco Underlay, exclusive to Flooring Xtra. Sleepyhead Zero Underlay is a revolutionary underlay crafted from local recycled foam, designed to enhance your flooring experience while minimizing environmental impact.

Sleepyhead has partnered with Trees That Count to plant a native tree for every purchase of Sleepyhead Zero Eco Underlay. You can register your underlay purchase here.

Sustainability at its Core:

Sleepyhead Zero Eco Underlay is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Approximately 80% of the scrap foam used in this underlay is locally sourced in New Zealand, diverting valuable materials from landfills and reducing the carbon footprint associated with importing materials. By choosing Sleepyhead Zero Eco Underlay, you're not only investing in superior comfort for your home but also contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Luxurious Comfort, Responsible Sourcing:

Crafted with an 11mm thickness and 130kg/m3 density, Sleepyhead Zero Eco Underlay offers a plush yet supportive feel underfoot. Made from recycled foam, this underlay provides exceptional comfort while ensuring responsible sourcing of materials.

Environmentally Conscious Packaging:

At Flooring Xtra, we understand the importance of reducing waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. That's why Sleepyhead Zero Eco Underlay comes packaged in fully recyclable materials.

Fresh Protect Technology:

In addition to its eco-friendly design, Sleepyhead Zero Eco Underlay features Fresh Protect technology - a game-changer in home hygiene. Fresh Protect provides antimicrobial protection against mould, bacteria, and dust mites, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for you and your loved ones. What's more, Fresh Protect is safe for people, pets, and the environment, giving you added confidence in the safety and performance of your underlay.

Thermal Efficiency:

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is essential for year-round comfort. With Sleepyhead Zero Underlay, you can improve the thermal efficiency of your space by reducing heat loss through your floors. By providing an extra layer of insulation, Sleepyhead Zero helps to keep your rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer, ultimately contributing to energy savings and a more environmentally friendly home.

Love your planet, love your feet with Sleepyhead Zero Eco Underlay - a product that's better for the planet and better for your home. Shop the range below:

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