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Reside Abode VillaTawny

$50 - $79 per sqm ADD TO WISHLIST

Reside Abode VillaTawny

$50 - $79 per sqm ADD TO WISHLIST

This carpet comes in the same popular colours across three different weights (thicknesses) and therefore prices. Casa (Good), Villa (Better) and Chateau (Best). Simply choose your favourite colour and find the price point that matches. This carpet colour is called Taupe in the Abode Casa range and Tussock in the Abode Chateau range.

There is no need to compromise on style, function or price with the Abode carpets from the Reside collection. They are generously specified, meaning that you get a denser, plusher feeling carpet for lower prices. Being Solution Dyed Nylon, they are easy to live on and care for as it easy to clean.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: 'What's most popular?'. This collection is made up of our top selling carpet colours, meaning any selection you make is going to be a good choice. Need a little more help? Our designers have put together recommended pairings with hard flooring spanning laminate, hybrid and timber as well as paint, helping you craft 'can't go wrong' schemes. Download our Pairing Guide below.

  • May show tracking and shading
  • No need to fear carpet beetle infestations as they don't like synthetic carpet
  • Designed for durability and stain resistance
Hard for spills to penetrate and become stains
UV fade resistance against NZ's harsh sun


Brand Reside Collection
Style Cut Pile
Width 3.66m
Unique Code X15-07
Carpet Rating Residential Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs
Carpet Weight 48oz
May Show Shading Yes
Stain Resistant Yes
Fade and UV resistant Yes
Suitable For Petclaws Yes
Fibre Solution Dyed Nylon


Below are pricing examples for this product based on standard flooring plans

Approximate installed price:
$3,594 - $4,393
Approximate installed price:
$4,493 - $5,491
Approximate installed price:
$7,488 - $9,152
Approximate installed price:
$14,227 - $17,389

Terms & Conditions

This indicative pricing for the illustrated floor plans are based on professional installation of the selected carpet (above) on standard 10mm underlay.

  • These prices are indicative only to help you set a budget
  • Includes quality underlay – premium underlay is additional
  • Pricing allows for offcuts and waste
  • Pricing does not allow for stairs, floor preparation, travel, uplift and disposal of existing floor coverings and other incidentals
  • Pricing varies from region to region according to freight and installation labour costs


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