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UltraPet BirmanCaracal

$46.00 $41.00 per sqm ADD TO WISHLIST

UltraPet BirmanCaracal

$46.00 $41.00 per sqm ADD TO WISHLIST


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UltraPet Birman is a budget friendly carpet range that achieves a look of luxury without compromising on its resilience. A perfect choice for kid?s bedrooms where all the splotches and splashes take place. Exclusive to Flooring Xtra.

UltraPet fibre differs from polyester (PET) fibre due to the change in chemical composition at a molecular level. This modification to the polymer, enhances BCF yarn properties improving the carpet functionality for key parameters like durability, resilience, softness, chemical & UV resistance.

Cold water can easily clean most stains and pet accidents in the wag of a tail, giving you peace of mind as you navigate through the other stresses of looking after your boisterous pup or spirited cat. Pair this with Sleepyhead's UltraPet Underlay for extra protection and additonal 10 years warranty. Pricing of UltraPet Carpet at your local store may vary, enquire in store for the best rate.

  • 25 year warranty when pairing this with Sleepyhead UltraPet Underlay
  • Exclusive to Flooring Xtra
  • Family & Pet Friendly
Hassle Free Cleaning
Ultra Resiliant


Brand Victoria Carpets
Style Cut Pile
Width 3.66m
Unique Code VCC-8496-46
ACCS Star Grading ACCS 4 Stars
Carpet Height 13.5mm +- 10%
Carpet Weight 48oz
Stain Resistant Yes
Suitable For Petclaws Yes
Total Thickness 15.5mm +- 10%
Fibre 100% UltraPet Fibre


Below are pricing examples for this product based on standard flooring plans

Approximate installed price:
$3,072 - $3,754
Approximate installed price:
$3,839 - $4,693
Approximate installed price:
$6,399 - $7,821
Approximate installed price:
$12,158 - $14,860

Terms & Conditions

This indicative pricing for the illustrated floor plans are based on professional installation of the selected carpet (above) on standard 10mm underlay.

  • These prices are indicative only to help you set a budget
  • Includes quality underlay – premium underlay is additional
  • Pricing allows for offcuts and waste
  • Pricing does not allow for stairs, floor preparation, travel, uplift and disposal of existing floor coverings and other incidentals
  • Pricing varies from region to region according to freight and installation labour costs


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