CentraPadua T91

$90.00 per sqm ADD TO WISHLIST

CentraPadua T91

$90.00 per sqm ADD TO WISHLIST

The Centra collection delivers a high performance commercial vinyl for use in a broad range of environments. This product will give excellent long term durability, easy of maintenance and great aesthetics.

  • Lift furniture and appliances to avoid creating tears
  • Can be installed without needing to remove skirting's
  • Vacuum and mop to clean
Quick & Easy Installation
R10 Slip Resistance


Brand Robert Malcolm
Style Concrete Look
Width 2m
Unique Code RML65561-T91P
Underfloor Heating Compatible Yes
Total Thickness 2.3mm
Wear Layer Thickness 0.6mm


Below are pricing examples for this product based on standard flooring plans

Approximate installed price:
$4,793 - $5,858
Approximate installed price:
$5,432 - $6,639
Approximate installed price:
$9,745 - $11,910
Approximate installed price:
$10,384 - $12,691

Terms & Conditions

This indicative pricing for the illustrated floor plans are based on professional installation of the selected Sheet Vinyl (above) with floor preparation consisting of a light sand and one coat.

  • These prices are indicative only to help you set a budget
  • Additional floor preparation beyond the included light sand and one coat, may be required depending on the condition of the subfloor
  • Pricing allows for wastage.Wastage may be more or less than stated depending on vinyl width and pattern selected
  • Pricing does not allow for stairs, transition bars, trims and other finishing accessories, undercutting, additional floor preparation, uplift and disposal of existing flooring, travel and other incidentals
  • Pricing varies from region to region according to freight and installation labour costs


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